This might be the next trend in laptops – All new Lenovo Bendable Laptop

Bendable LaptopHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the Lenovo vision on the next generation of the screens and Bendable Laptop. Lenovo presented their vision of next upcoming laptops at an event in New York today, they presented about the flexible display laptop concept, and it comes with the built-in keyboard with the bendable flexible screen. We already seen the Samsung’s upcoming bendable screen device and the transparent device which looks like a glass but it is a gadget like our normal phones. Likewise Lenovo presented foldable PC which is just a concept now but it might happen in future. Seeing all these prototypes and the vision of the Lenovo, Samsung, Apple and many other trend setting companies we can easily analyze that soon we are going to see lot of miracles.

Basically, the present focus is on the interaction. Samsung, Google and Apple every company is focusing more on voice commands than the touch based interaction. We believe that with in less time we will see the only voice based interaction with mobile devices. Even the Lenovo’s upcoming laptop interactions would happen more on voice commands.

Lenovo Bendable Laptop:

So it’s clear that we are going to see the all new ways of interactions with the machines in coming nearby future. No touch- Only voice command, no LED display – only transparent display, No shape- only foldable devices. we been seeing all these as a prototypes and as a pictures we believe that it will defiantly take some good amount of time to be as  a physical prototype. Though it gives hope that we have a lot to see and experience.

So stay hungry and stay foolish – Steve Jobs
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