PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 6 update schedule for March 20: what’s new in Season 6?

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Hey Trendy Techz readers we are back again and this time with the latest news of most trending and the best Mobile game of 2018 that is PUBG Mobile Game. As we all aware that season 5 of PUBG mobile has ended on 18th march.

Developers pushed notification regarding the season 6. In this article we will be sharing all the latest updates included in PUBG Mobile season 6.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 6 update:

Season 6 Update will be pushed directly into the ingame app and there will not be any server issues during the update. Server won’t be down during this season 6 update. All you have to do is to open the PUBG mobile app on 20th March that is tomorrow in order to receive the season 6 update. This requires a very good WiFi or Mobile Data connection

What’s new in PUBG Mobile season 6:

  • Dynamic weather added to Earangle and Miramar.
  • Added new G36C weapon (5.56MM) exclusively for Vikendi map which will be replacing Scar-L in Vikendi.
  • Tukshai and Scooter are the two new vehicles added on Sanhok map. In India Tukshai is nothing but a three wheeler auto.
  • Tukshai will replace Jeep, Dacia and Mini Bus in Sanhok map.

Above shared details are the PUBG Mobile season 6 updates regarding maps

Now here is what’s new on PUBG Mobile Royal pass Season 6

  • Players can view RP Ranks of entire region directly from RP Page.
  • Elite pass purchase will not only increase 25 ranks but also have additional rewards.
  • New subscription plans will be available from early April.
  • In general there will be two plans they are Prime and Prime Plus. Benefits from both plans are stackable.

As anniversary surprise there will be different crates available during matches. Collect all and open them for rewards.Cakes are spawned at different places. Find them and Collect them for more surprises.

If you want to watch what’s new on PUBG Mobile season 6 then look at the videos attached below. Videos include searching for new G36C weapon, First ride on Tukshai and scooter, Enjoying dynamic weather with bots with sad ending.

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