Trackr gadget details,specs and working

trendy techz trackr gadget detailsHello Friends, Today we are going to tell you about TrackR gadget details which is released recently.It has head quarters at Santa Barbara. It is famous for its innovative tracking gadgets like TrackR bravo, stickr and wallet. Main theme of this start up company is to find lost items in seconds using technology like Bluetooth and GPS. This innovative idea for founders of the company to prepare gadgets in-order to find lost items like phones, bags, keys, wallet and many other came from their own  issues like keys lost at beach and soon recovered by the help of cops.

In this blog we will explain Trackr gadget details specifications and their working process.

TrackR bravo: Specs of bravo are

trendy techz trackr gadget details

  • Circular Bluetooth device with a diameter of 31 millimeters and thickness of 3.5 millimeters.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy(TrackR is the only company to introduce this feature in 2011). Low energy means it consumes less than 50% of energy when compare to classic Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth range of up-to 100 feet.
  • Crowd GPS which is alternative of traditional GPS and uses existing phones all over world to locate the lost device.
  •  CR 1602 removable battery with life time of 1 year.
  • Price of this device is $29.99(₹1900-₹2100).

TrackR Sticker

trendy techz trackr gadget details

This is also circular Bluetooth device with diameter of 25 millimeters and thickness of 5 millimeters with CR 2016 battery and life time of 1 year. Black shine plastic is the material used in the manufacturing process, rest all the features are same as bravo.Price of this device is $24.95(₹1600-₹1700)


TrackR Wallet

trendy techz trackr gadget detailsThis is a rectangular shaped thin Bluetooth device with dimensions 65×40×4 millimeters. Wallet is specially designed so that it can be placed in our money wallet easily. Same CR 2016 battery with a two years life time. Remaining features are same like sticker and bravo. Price of this device is $29.95(₹2000-₹2100)



Working: All the three devices works with crowd GPS, Bluetooth low energy connected to smart phone through app. These devices can detect lost phones, bags, pets etc within 100 feet by the help of Bluetooth button on the device and even if you loose gadget  you can simply detect by the help of mobile app. As soon as you press the button you will heard upto 85 db alert tone from lost device  and can easily trace the device. If the lost things are faraway from your location then crowd GPS comes into action. This crowd GPS helps the user to find location by the help of other trackr app user near to your lost thing. A message with location sent to your smart phone automatically from that users device.

Upcoming Gadgets:

trendy techz trackr gadget detailsTrackR ATLAS with price range of $39(₹2600-₹2700). Concept of this gadget is to locate where your trackr gadgets are placed in your home through app. All you have to do is just plug in the atlas ,open your mobile apps that’s it you can trace your trackr gadgets in your home.

Final verdict: Worth buying gadgets for all “forgetting folks” and trendy techz users too.

Hope you all enjoyed reading the Trackr gadget details.

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