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iOS Android GamesHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the best iOS Android Games. There has been many proofs and scientific research on the human brain development before and after the Puzzle games. It is stated that flashcards and puzzle games improve the memory as well as analysis capabilities of a person.

Here in this post we would like to present you with best in class puzzle iOS Android games:

#1 while on research on puzzle game we have found Monument Valley. According to us it is one of the finest game we ever find. This game earned many awards like Apple game of the year 2014 and also a winner of apple design awards in 2014. Actually this game is the different experience for users it all happened through the fantastical architecture. Users will find a lot of mysterious moments, hidden path, illusions and many more. The developers and designed made it out smarting. It will be the best companion for game lovers.

#2 another game for both iOS & android is HITMAN GO it is one of the best silent assassin game we ever seen in mobile platform. Most of the 90’s kids will knee about this game, because we been playing and addicted to this game since our childhood. Hitman silent assassin, code name 47 all these parts of game gave a good and new experience to us when we were in school.  It is so exciting for us to see these games for hands-free devices.

#3 Lords of the fallen from CI Games S.A, it is also one of the best action game we found. It is a kind of  battle action game. The experience of this game is quite impressive and so exciting to play this game. Though we did not completed all missions of this game till now we had a great memories with this game. So guys we suggest this game for battle game lovers.

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