Yahoo confirmed 500 million users data stolen

Trendy Techz Yahoo confirmed 500 million users data stolenYahoo confirmed around half users data has been stolen Yahoo!and started working with the law enforcement to find the reason behind the data breach this might affect the information of around 500 million users.

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Stolen Information includes:

  • Names of the users, Phone numbers, birth dates, passwords, in some situations security questions data.
  • It is the serious issues in which huge amounts of data is stolen which might affect their account information. So company is now providing the login messages for users. Users need to enter the code from the company through message.
  • Hackers can easily reset the passwords of the user account with the help of security questions they got chance to reset passwords of many users and there is no two
  • Company invalidated all the security questions answers and also Unencrypted them so the hackers cannot get access to any of the yahoo user’s account.

Yahoo been sending the emails to the users whose accounts has been hacked and suggested them to change their passwords and secured secondary email verification. Yahoo seriously recommended the users who did not updated their passwords since 2014.

Company recommending the users to use the yahoo account key a new authentication tool it enhance the security and also eliminates the password usage process. Users have to use this tool even if their AccTrendy Techz Yahoo confirmed 500 million users data stolenount’s has not been hacked. However company is investigating the data breach reason they did not found any clue that the state sponsored actor is on the network.

Yahoo already started sending the phishing emails to users asking them to reset their password and been sending this emails from 11:30 AM PDT,

This attack is the massive one and it is affected more data than expected and there are some reports saying that the 200 million users account data is on the dark web. It will be a loss for the Verizon also because Verizon announced that they acquired yahoo for $4.8 billion.

FBI Statement: aware of the matter.

Verizon PR says that the company know this data breach issue for 2 days.


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