World’s first VR Backpack – MSI VR One

trendy techz world's first vr backpackVirtual reality Gaming backpacks are the latest trending technology and here is the world’s first vr backpack. Many top rated companies are focusing on enhancing their products with integrating this technology. HP, MSI, Zotac are some of the companies which unveiled their versions of gaming backpacks.

The biggest problem till now is the gamers didn’t get any chance to play their games virtually on a move. But, the trend is changed and all the new virtual gaming backpacks are trending now companies like graphic chip designing NVIDIA also got their hands on this technology and in to development of producing virtual reaility gaming chips, Gigabyte is another company in to this technology.

Recently, MSI released their version of VR gaming backup it looks like a transformer skin and it is quite attractive than its older version of the VR backpack. MSI already showcased their VR version of backpack in Tokyo games show. MSI call this VR as an armour design.

This VR gives a feel like super hero to the user all this is because of its aerodynamics and muscle shape. It weights around 8 pounds. It gives a 90 min of battery backup after charging the two batteries.

Demo on MSI VR one:

Configuration of MSI backpack (world’s first vr backpack):

-Swap built in dual batteries.

-high end Intel core i7 processor.

-GeForce GTX 980M mobile.

-GeForce GTX 1070 Mobile.

-GTX 1070 mobile graphics.

-Full VR HMD compatible Direct I/O.

-around 8 pounds(3.6kg).

Featured applications on this gadget:

  • Gaming Entertainment.
  • House Sales.
  • Historic Relics.
  • Moto Display.trendy techz world's first vr backpack
  • Illustrated story (Imaginary world).
  • Online Shopping.

This VR one is compatible with the headsets and is also fully optimized for HTC Vive. MSI Dragon Centre is used by the users for customizing and controlling the MSI features. This Dragon centre is also allows to monitor the System status from other smart mobiles.

So if you plan to buy anything you just need a VR one to see all the things virtually from your place. It’s all about the next gen shopping. Though the price ranges are not yet released many gaming and shopaholics are interested on this product.

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