VPN (Virtual Private Network) – The only way to connect securely

Virtual Private NetworkHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the requirement and uses of  VPN (Virtual Private Network) in public networks. As we know that there are many restrictions in accessing the data through ISPs. As some governments establish restrictions using firewalls to stop particular access like Country A stopped using some particular webpage what they do is they restrict accessing this webpage by adding it to fire wall. The service which requests this web page access through that firewall will not be able to get access it just sends a message like “Owner restricted this in your country” to overcome this type of issues we can use VPNs.

Other reason to use VPN:

If you are accessing public network our data in system will have high exposure to ISPs network which is always a vulnerable task. So using VPN will definitely protect users from hackers. VPN changes the access gate way so that the information or data that is been transferred through VPN will not be exposed to any other person in the same ISPs.

How VPN works?

Traditionally we will get data through ISP gateway according to request and response. ISP server acts as a gateway to get access through all websites that we are accessing now. Firewall is the one which will block the restricted content and will not allow user to access that content so to overcome this situation we can use VPNs what VPN does is it establishes a different gate way and acts as a local to your access it means if you are access a country A in country b VPN portraits it as you are access country A web page as in you are in that country only so you will get access to that restricted content.

Is it safe to use VPN?

According to use we don’t prefer to use Free VPN. Your intern activity and data transactions will be monitored by VPN providers.

Is it safe to use Paid VPN?

In paid version the providers might give assurance about authenticity but even they will have exposure to your data so it is up to your wish to get a service package in internet. We have got so many VPN services there online.

What to do then?

Establishing our own VPN is the ultimate way to make any data transaction securely. It companies follow this strategy for giving access to the mobile employees.


  • By pass traditional gateway.
  • Access restricted content.
  • Secure data transactions.
  • Securely access any types of data.

For more information on VPN stay tuned and to know how to establish own VPN stay tuned we will post it soon.

How Virtual Private Network works?
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