Unknown features in Apple iPhone

iPhoneAre you an Apple iPhone user?

Do you want to know the three hidden features of the apple iPhone? Here are we including the three hidden features of the iPhone.

  1. Auto text replacement.
  2. Head gesture commands.
  3. Hiding the inbuilt applications.

The above mentioned three apple iPhone features are the most unknown features in apple mobile devices. Most of the users are unaware of it so we just clearly describing about these features. Stay tuned and tip us or request us for more hidden and unsolved issues in apple iPhone.

Auto text replacement:

Do you know that you can replace your favourite words or any text in iPhone with your selected text in auto corrections? Example: if you want to change the auto correction of Washington with WS (though the autocorrection will automatically correct if there is any mistakes in the spelling of text you have typed) you just need to follow the below mentioned steps. Teach your mobile about autocorrections:

  • Go to Settings-> General.
  • Keyboard-> text replacement -> click the plus sign.
  • Add the shortcut you want and replace the text.

After performing the above steps you will get the newly updated text as the autocorrection for the shortcut you have mentioned.

Head gestures:

Users can control the mobile volume and the applications tasking by head tilting.

Just follow the below steps:

  • Go to setting -> general.
  • Accessibility-> switch control.
  • Turn on the switch control-> add new switch -> camera

You can identify one blue bar around the display after activations of the head tilt.

You can customize and use this for: volume, app switch, siri and also for Notification center.

Hiding inbuilt applications:

You can hind the inbuilt iPhone applications. So that none of your friends will get to access those without your permission. This will be the great feature from apple. We been expecting and exploring the IOS for this type of crazy features. To enable this feature users need to follow the below steps:

  • Go to settings -> general -> restrictions -> enable the restrictions.
  • Enter your password if you have any -> uncheck the applications that you want to hide.

That it we hope all this hidden features will helps you out. Stay tuned for more hidden features.Hope you all benefited with this post and do remind us if there are any mistakes. Feel free to comment on this post and do support us by liking our Facebook page and also by following us on twitter.

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