Turn any video in to immersive 3D-Elsewhere

Trendy Techz Turn any video in to immersive 3D-ElsewhereElsewhere is the breakthrough in perception. It looks like the google cardboard. There are Elsewhere 3D apps and frames. Costs around $50.VR headset IOS application that will changes the flat images and video to 3D. It changed the entire perception of the virtual reality market.

There is no need to develop the Virtual software for all the images or videos if we use this . All the videos or images that are made using any cameras can be converted in to 3D using this application and with the help of the virtual headset that videos or images can be seen in stereoscopic 3D.

This technology will be a greatest breakthrough which converts the camera feed instantly in to 3D stereoscopic. It’s a great fun toy to see turning posters in to 3D dioramas. We cannot convert the Videos in official sites like YouTube and Netflix in to 3d to convert this videos the user needs to play that from his/her computer and have to watch through the phone camera that is holding in a headset.

In and all the Elsewhere VR will change all your videos in to 3D stereoscopic videos. Features like brightness adjustment with just a finger swipe, zoom is quite impressive. The only way to see the YouTubTrendy Techz Turn any video in to immersive 3D-Elsewheree or Netflix videos through this is using iPhone camera.

According to techtrendzTrendy Techz Turn any video in to immersive 3D-Elsewhere, Elsewhere is the best and also in budget VR headset to buy
in this year. This application technology will split the video and put them in side by side for each eye and help the user to visualize their video/image in depth. All the videos that converted in to 3D will be rendered with the Elsewhere depth information. This will give the real world feel when using the Elsewhere VR headset.

So people if you want to revel in and make most of your old videos or images just put them on your iPhone Elsewhere application and experience the in depth feel of them. It’s a great fun experience in budget.

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