Protect yourself from self tracking in iOS and Android

sekf trackingHello Trendy Techz in this post we will discuss about the predefined settings which allows google and apple to track their customers. Though companies has been using this self tracking for improving services. In android google will monitor each and every place that the device has traveled and accordingly it will provide the navigation, nearby and more services. Likewise iOS Apple also tracks each and every place with time.

What to do?

Many of us don’t know that our time to time activity is monitored by company and has been saving our location data. If you feel this is vulnerable or you don’t want anyone to track your location. Just follow the steps.

For iOS Devices:

Follow bellow steps to stop self-location tracking

Go to settings-> privacy->location services-> scroll down in the bottom of window you will find System Services open that

->touch on frequent Locations-> here you can see all your location data. If you want to delete that data click Clear History and turn off frequent data.

Google and apple has been collecting this data with our permission only. Like if you remember while setting up device or installing latest version of operating system we been pressing agree terms & conditions. Yes all these type of policies and terms will be there most of us will not have that much of time to go through them so the predefined terms will come in to work.

Turn off self tracking in Android:
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