This is how we should protect iOS device from hacker!!

protect iOS deviceHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the tricks to save you data from intruders. We all know that iOS is one of the best in class secured operating system till date. Though we have lot of resources online to crack this operating systems security. Even recently FBI cracked iPhone without apples help. Like we are vulnerable by attackers. so just go through the information below and find a way to protect iOS device.

hacker techniques: We found two cracking techniques online but they are too expensive to use!!

#1 FlexiSPY

This online service will help the intruders to crack some ones device without knowing them. The device performance interface everything looks similar even after it hacked. They can go through your data, camera, even intercept your phone call, location tracking is also possible without letting you know about that. This service packages started from $100 according to resources.

#2 lawn enforcements FBI nation state,NSA

This basically exploits vulnerabilities in software. What is the good thing using iOS is it costs a lot for intruders to get services to crack iPhone than android devices. Because as we know that apple iOS is a closed and android is open source software. It is easy for hacker to crack open source operating system. It costs around $1.5 million to crack iOS.

Users have no way to detect that someone cracked your device and is using all you data for tracking your activities. Because devices behaviour remains same even after they been hacked.

One way to protect your devices:

  • Of course always running the latest updated operating system will definitely saves users from this type of hacks.
  • Using strong passcode might require more time for hackers to cracked.
protect iOS device:

Second way is to:

Reloading the firmware: this will reset the iOS or android devices to its factory settings. So it indirectly deletes the hidden profiles or malwares that are installed on your device without your permission. For more info.

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