Proactive Assistance in Google Home – The all new next gen features

Hello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the all new updated features of Google Home- Proactive Assistance. Google has been innovative and been introducing a bunch of features for all its products. The ultimate Home assistance Google Home has got some unique features.

Features in Google Home:
  • Proactive assistance.
  • Hands- free calling.
  • Your favourite Entertainment – Online Music streaming.
  • All new visual responses from assistant.
  • Calendar schedules and reminders.
Google Home New features- Proactive Assistance:

Google has made his assistance to be the best across other devices. Now google home will answer more for you questions. Just say whats up it will give you the short upcoming schedule even with traffic and estimated time of arrival this is known as Proactive Assistance.

Never miss any appointment and schedules- Its easy now to put reminders using Google Home. Schedule appointments in to calendar and fix the reminders. Just by commanding we can now update schedules in calendars.

Google Home got around 70 plus partner support. So users will get bunch of new commands to access different services from different sources.

Now users can make a call using google home in US and Canada. Just give a command and home assistance will call for free. No need to setup any application for calling. Google home now support multiple users as well for more information on multiple users.

In coming days we can use online music streaming from Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer. Bluetooth feature in home helps users to play any music from their smart device. Google is soon shaking hands with HBO NOW, CBS ALL Access and HGTV. So users who are using these streaming services can now control these video play with Home.

Visual response on TV screen using Google Home. Users can see google home responses on TV by saying “what’s on YouTube TV right now?” or “what’s on calendar today?

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