Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is quite FaTrendy Techz Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)mous for the robots. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence that a machine has using this machines executes and accomplishes the tasks. Many researches found that human kind will be in the hands of the machine in future. Giving all the powers, high intelligence to machines might be harmful to humankind. But AI will be the next source for saving humankind as well as the animals.

We will discuss about the power of AI if we use it for good results and its major role in particular fields.

AI helping doctors as well as many researches to accomplish their jobs accurately. Diagnosing the sepsis patients and keeping track of all the endangered species in the forest or other places all this tasks will be easy with the AI.

Experts said the newly developed Artificial intelligence increasing the research and improving the lives. They said this at the White House frontiers conference in Pittsburgh. Many leading researchers, students, innovators and entrepreneurs were attended this conference and supported the newly developed AI.

Preserving wild life is Easy

Preserving and keeping track of all the animal species is quite complex task. Researchers are still searching for new species and are unable to track new species due to lack of GPS collars in some locations. To overcome this the professor Berger Wolf from university of Illinois Chicago has developed a webpage called WIldbook.org in which they included AI systems and algorithms. This webpage is huge resource for finding and identifying the species just by uploading the picture of the species by users or any experts. The algorithm included in the Wildbook.org site is quite intelligent one it has a capability to identify the animal’s unique markings, habitat, gender and age also. In and all it decreased the lot of work for the wild life researchers.

Anyone can know the information about any species and can also find the uniqueness in that species by just uploading the picture. The databases in this webpage is used for estimating the number of remaining species for example after 2015 photo campaign the wildlife.org has determined that lions killed babies of the zebra in Kenya. They also suggested the local officials to change the lion management programs.

In this way this AI will help the researchers and many doctors to find and protect, preserve many species.


AI in Finding Sepsis(life threatening infection)

Targeted real-time early warning (TREW Score) is the most advanced Artificial intelligence system. Many of the local doctors are not aware of this system due to which they did not saved many patients who are affected with Sepsis. This system warns the doctors too early about the Sepsis range in the patient. In this way doctors will get sufficient time to increase the patient resistance to fight against Sepsis.


AI in rescuing flood victims

As we know that finding the missing people in flood is the huge task. where many departments work hard to find and rescue them. But with the help of AI computer programmers will get a chance to locate the extensive footage. which helps to find the missing people within 2 hrs. AI will definitely plays major role here in  saving many lives.

Mixing this algorithm in social media sites will help the other to know about the trapped victims, missing people and disasters.

AI for online security

As we know most of the crimes now a days are through online. The cybercrime rate is increasing day to day. We have many proofs that breach cybersecurity created disasters for example one country using online bots steal the other countries security information and attacked them this is the huge loss. AI will automatically render and fix the patches in the cyber security by continuously detecting the data breaches.

Power of Artificial Intelligence

In and all we from trendytechz belive that the correct usage of AI by the researches and innovators will create the wonders.

Stay tuned our next post is about the Attacks through smart devices- how your smart device, smart home harm your profile.

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