Make more space in iPhone: iPhone tricks

Make more space for your data in iPhone:

iPhone tricksHello users, in this post we will learn how to make more space in iPhone. Are you frustrated with the system notifications like storage full delete some data to access this? Today you will get the best tricks to make space in your iPhone using the below iPhone tricks. This will be the continuation to our previous iPhone tricks posts.

As we all know that iPhones occupy more space for pictures. To provide more pixel density and image clarity apple made this type of changes in the space occupation. For HDR pictures on an average iPhone occupies around 6-10 Mb so managing huge collection of images, videos, music, games in iPhones is always a problem for the apple users.

IPhone Tricks:

Before knowing the tricks to make space in iPhone first check the storage space in your device:

Settings->general->usage->Manage storage

Here you will get to see all the applications and their storage space on your device.

## select the unwanted applications and delete them. All the hidden and unknown applications that you have used long back can be deleted here.

Applications like podcasts and music, TV shows and movies can be deleted. iCloud option helps the users to save their data to cloud. No need to delete this cloud data. Users can download and access this information at any time.

Disable photo stream:

Settings->photo and camera->my photo stream and turn off the photo stream.

Decrease the save time of the messages

Settings->messages->keep messages->expire.

Same for video messages.

Deleting the cache memory will increase the device performance:

Just hold power + home button for 20 seconds and release when you see apple logo. This will clear the cache and temp files on your devices and restarts the device.

Safari Browser history delete:

Settings->safari->history and browsing data->clear . clearing this history will comes to handy in some emergency storage space.

Resetting the device will clear lot of old and unused files on ram. Offline podcasts might consume more space than you think so try to use this services online.

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