Light camera

The light L16 camera is the multiple lens camera. It uses multiple lenses at same time to take a picture at DSLR quality. Starting price for this latest innovation is around $1700.

-The resolution of the camera is around 52 MP with 5x zoom.

-It provides almost 15x more focus light when compared to the smart phones. It gives day light quality without tripod.

-android is the basic platform used in this camera and the most exciting feature here is data can be synced through Wi-Fi and can also be shared in any social networking.

In box you will get: L16 camera, wrist strap, case, USB cable and the charger.

Tech specs of L16:

-aluminium alloy and full grip material are used for efficient handling.

-5 inch touch screen.

-Storage is around 256 GB, with snapdragon 820 chip

-connectivity is over GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

-dust and water resistant. Video recording with 4k video quality.

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