Intel’s new strategies on AI implementation

Intel AI

Intel already announced their new strategy to increase the performance, societal benefits. Intel planning to implement Intel AI on broad portfolio spanning data center to lot devices and also has a plan to design the strong platform to business and to next generation.

It’s all the new Intel Nervana platform the new platform for the comprehensive data center for AI.

Compared to GPU solutions Intel is planning to reduce the time to train a deep learning model in next three years. Company is aiming for 100x reduction.

Intel is fully focused in to development on Artificial intelligence. Company has a lot of budgets on developing this technology. Company has already invested a lot and even investing on providing resources to enhance the present AI. Technologies like this will drive many tasks and compilations easily. Intel if working hard to provide their services for business and society through AI tech.Intel AI

The roadmap of the Intel Nervana:

Intel will first test code name: Lake Crest in starting of 2017 and planning to make it available to customers later. Along with this Intel also announced new product called night Crest this will tightly integrates with the best Intel Xeon processor including the Nervana technology. Lake Crest is enhanced targeting for neural networks. This is to get high efficiency for deep learning with high bandwidth interconnection. Xeon with the nirvana will be the best combination through which the industry will definitely get lot of unprecedented compute density.

According to us, Nervana platform will be the best in call breakthrough platform. It comes with the highest performance with lowest time requirements. It comes to handy for higher level compilations and calculations like machine learning and self-learning.

Intel also including the Intel saffron technology. It will be one of the asset for the AI this will be the solutions for many companies who are looking for business insights. This technology favors lot of optimizations in memory utilization. Mostly Intel is focusing on the Cloud alliance with the Google.

Intel AI:

Intel Saffron technology Advantages:

  • Leverages memory based reasoning techniques.
  • Clear analysis of heterogeneous data.
  • Most suitable to small devices.
  • Intelligent analysis for IoT.

Intel is providing lot of Application programming Interfaces for business and society. it is easy for any businesses to get API from Intel just by providing the developers account.

Intel and Google together planning to help the enterprise It delivery. Both companies working to provide the multi-cloud infrastructure for businesses and society. Both companies focus to integrate different technologies like Machine learning, Security and IoT. for more new about this technology stay tuned. we got sources from press. Hope you all benefited with this post and do remind us if there are any mistakes. Feel free to comment on this post and do support us by liking our Facebook page and also by following us on twitter.


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