Hello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the best source to learn the application development flow and how to establish and install configure basic applications and to come up with the workflow. As we know that to develop an application we need to go through lot of steps which includes UI designing, configuring, work flow folders in IDE’s and many more.

First step here is to go to MKYOUNG[.]COM

Here visit this webpage and select the best project which fulfils your learning needs.

Users will find lot of source in wide range of technologies.

For instance we are considering one Spring framework – JAVA project

Click here to visit the project.

If you want to clone or download the project visit this link. And follow the instructions.

After downloading or cloning the project you need to know about the process which allows users to import and execute projects in IDE’s.

This link helps you to learn how to import and execute the examples in the webpage.

For this example they used java maven and we execute it using Maven Built, Apache Tomcat, Eclipse.

No need of databases it just need IDE, server.

Start server -> right click and click Maven build (run as).

Type http://localhost:8080/spring-mvc-form/in your browser.

Port number might be varied according to your server configuration.

Things to be noticed:

  • Project on boarding on IDE.
  • Project execution workflow.
  • Application folder preparation.
  • Predefined and mandatory files for configuring the application initiation.
  • In spring we need to learn about POM.XML
  • Project dependencies, controller, validator, forms and database management.

Stay tuned for more information to learn different technologies on web resources. We thank many online webpages like the above provided ones for giving this huge resource of application development for zero bucks.

Hope you all benefited with this post and do remind us if there are any mistakes. Feel free to comment on this post and do support us by liking our Facebook page and also by following us on twitter, YouTube and Insta.
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