Two models of Huawei Honor Prague clears FCC

Trendy Techz Huawei Honor LogoHey!!! Trendy Techz users we are back again and this time with the latest Smartphone news on Upcoming Huawei Honor Smartphone. Few days back we heard a news regarding Huawei Honor device with Code name as Prague. So, we started our research work on this phone and we found few things regarding the Huawei Honor Prague smartphone which we will be sharing exclusively with our Trendy Techz users and you will never find this news anywhere because we are sharing it first on net.  So, Today in this post we will be sharing the details of Upcoming Huawei honor Prague smartphone which we knew so far. Here we start,

Two Huawei Honor Prague series phones clears FCC:

Rumors on Huawei Honor Prague series Smartphones are not fake. On 6th December 2016 one Huawei honor phone with Model Number PRA-LX3 got certified by FCC and today that is on 16th December 2016 another Huawei honor Prague phone with model number PRA-LX1 Clears FCC. So, it is confirmed that this Upcoming Huawei honor phone will be available soon in two models. Now we will share you the certification label of these phones.

Trendy Techz Huawei Honor Prague










Trendy Techz Huawei Honor Prague










The above shared images are Huawei Upcoming Honor smartphones with Code name Prague. Now we will share you the details which we know so, far regarding this smartphone.

What Trendy Techz know So far regarding Huawei Honor Prague Smartphones:

We did a huge research work regarding this smartphone and we are providing you all the info based on the Test reports, FCC. We will share you a rough back view figure of this smartphone,

Trendy Techz Huawei Honor Prague












When we are studing the reports we found this for you. Even though the Screenshot says that the location of antennas inside the device is shown as below picture but few specs are clearly leaked like dimensions. Height of this device is 147.20 MM and Width of the device is 72.9 MM. Measures 155.5 MM diagonally which is almost 6.12 inches from back. This may not be the Original  Display screen measurement because we are sharing you back view of the phone but we can expect a 5.5 inch display screen and we will update you soon. Also we can expect a single Rear camera with LED flash and Finger print sensor in the back as shown in the figure. Curve edge phone.

Now we will share battery details,

Trendy Techz Huawei Honor Prague




As shown in the figure it is powered by 2900 Li-Polymer battery. Now we will share other specs of this phone,

Trendy Techz Huawei Honor Prague













This is another screenshot from the report and it clearly shows the difference between two models of Upcoming Huawei Honor Prague smartphones. Huawei Honor Prague phone comes with Dual sim slots, 3 GB Ram memory, Bluetooth V 4.2 and standard 2.4 GHz WiFi.

When we downloaded this file we found that Huawei honor Prague will be Running on Android 7.0 Nougat Operating system. Here is the screenshot

 Trendy Techz Huawei Honor Prague

Is this Huawei Honor Magic Smartphone??

According to Trendy Techz this may not be Huawei Honor magic phone because official dimensions of Huawei Honor Magic phone are 146.10×69.90×7.80 MM which is in contrast with the shared image also the magic phone has 4 GB Ram memory and dual rear camera features. Because of these reasons we are assuming that this two model phones are not Huawei Honor Magic phone. We will update you soon regarding Huawei Honor Prague smartphone soon our website.

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