Hidden YouTube Tricks- Now You can customize more

YouTube TricksYouTube is one of the top and best platform for entertainment and knowledge. It is has best resources for all kinds of studies like research, technology, tutorials and many more. Universities has already started training their student about the YouTube platform as their career. According to us it is one the platform for exposing our hidden talents and getting support.

In this post we would like to include most of the YouTube Tricks for our users. User will get a chance to customize YouTube more using this tricks. Even we are including resources and process to download videos from the YouTube.

Download videos from YouTube:

Most of us know how much problem it is to buffer YouTube videos every time. So this trick helps users to download their favorite videos.

Open you video -> Copy URL of the Video->Open savefrom.net webpage in other tab -> Users will find a TextBox to enter URL in savefrom.net -> copy URL of the video which you want to download.

->Select you video quality and press download that’s it you video will be downloaded.

#second source

Process here is as same as the above process but you need to go to clipconver.cc webpage instead of savefrom.net. We found these two webpages as a huge and best source for playing around videos.

To watch the age restricted video:

Many of us will face this issue to overcome you need to just remove this from your YouTube URL.

Remove watch? And replace v= with v/ then you will get access to the video.

Note: sometime you might get video download option. You can do that according to your risk.

For infinite loop:

If you want to listen to a song or anything for infinite time just replace youtube.com with youtuberepeater.com that’s it you video will play infinity times.

To make any video to Gif

Replace YouTube.com with Gifyoutube.com that’s it you will get options to convert the video in to Gif. stay tuned for more tricks and tips.

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