Google DeepMind role in Artificial intelligence

Google DeepMindHello trendytechz user we been providing the latest information about the artificial intelligence and their implementation in different fields. Now in this post we will be discussing about the latest Google DeepMind artificial intelligence in robots.


Google has been working hard to provide the innovative technologies to all the users. Recently even they stepped in to automobile industry to help the industry in terms of auto pilot. Likewise Google also developing a lot of requirements for the artificial intelligence. The latest innovation Google’s DeepMind will increase the ability of the robots to dream same like humans.  This will be the great neuroscientific innovation from the Google. This type of thinking and the analysis of day to day tasks helps the robots to enhance their learning on new things. This will definitely drive the robots thinking to think like humans.

In past this DeepMind tech also used to teach the old gaming methodologies to the Artificial intelligence. This was the greatest success in past. This will transform the present generation robots and their learning and memory formation.


We need to know how mammalian minds will dream to understand how important dreaming for robots. Scientists found that most of the content of dream primarily consists of negative things or about the threatening scenes. Generally all the dreams that we experience daily are the transformation of our day to day activities in to nightmares most of the time though most of dreams are negative we will not get affected of it or it will not get happen in real life all of those are superstition getting dreams in the morning does not happen in real life. All it will do is it will improve the memory formation in our brain. This type of thinking to robot will help them to analyse more on negative situations and to think accordingly to that situations.

Even the scientists can provide the real life negative situations but this will impact the AI in different way. So the Google’s DeepMind will help the robots to dream and to learn how to respond according to negative situations. Humans can see robot dreams with the help of neuroscience lens. So that the programmers will get chance to see the robot responses to particular situations.

This type of learning from dreams is the exact example of unsupervised learning. This what scientists are expecting from the AI. Hope all this will work according to the analysis and will comes to handy in many industries. Because AI will be the trend which has capability to transform the present generation.

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