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Hello trendytechz users, we been posting about the tricks and hidden features of many  as well as operating systems. We are thankful to your response for hidden iPhone features post. Today we will learn about the hidden features of the latest Google chrome.

As we all know chrome is always on the top of best browsers list. Google is continuously trying hard to improve the reliability of their products. In this post you will learn about chromes hidden features and on our upcoming post we will provide the most exciting features of Google chrome for Android. We are trying hard to get that posts ASAP.

Google chrome Hidden features:

Most of the common people who use chrome for business or home purpose are unaware of these Experimental settings called FLAGS. Though most of developers will use these for using hidden features.

To use this feature just type “CHROME://FLAGS ”  in URL bar.

Note: Altering other settings in this type of experiments may break or disable some internal linkages of chrome. Though don’t worry you will get a Reset all to default option.

Here you will find one Secret bookmark System

Just press CTRl+F (for windows)

In the box type New Bookmark APP SYTEM-> click the dropdown MENU and Enable that resource.

After every change in FLAG settings you have to Relaunch Chrome.

For example: after completing the above process go to any webpage like

Go to burger icon->more tools->Add to applications. Type name of the application and access it easily. Here in this case trendytech app will be created.

Hidden feature 2:

Name: Hidden fullscreen mode.

Process: same like above in the Flag CNTRL+F then type Simplified FULLSCREEN.

Enable that FLAG-> Relaunch chrome.

After completing the above process you will get the Simpler interface while watching videos in full screen.

Hidden feature 3:

Name: fast tab close.

Search for fast tab/window in FLAG-> Enable it-> relaunch Google chrome.

After this you will get to close the tab faster than it was before.

Stay tuned to learn more hidden tricks of Goolge chrome. Hope you all benefited with this post and do remind us if there are any mistakes. Feel free to comment on this post and do support us by liking our Facebook page and also by following us on twitter.


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