The first stick and shoot camera from Podo

Trendy Techz The first stick and shoot camera from PodoPodo released its second version of stick on camera. It’s has got some extra features and also cheaper than the first version where as the starting price for this second version  is $50 whereas first version  costs around $100.

Podo planning to get their product in to market this December. This is a wireless control camera. Exciting feature here is Podo offering the preorder discount and it will end up to Oct 12th.

Tech Specs of Podo:

  • Size- 2x2x1 inch
  • Weight is around 1.8 ounces.
  • 8 mega pixel lenses.
  • Video 720p with 30 frames per second.
  • 8 LED flash, battery up to 2 hrs.
  • Memory up to 8 GB and sensors: accelerometer.

Podo accessories include:

Sticky pads (3)-$10.

Carrying case-$20.

This  is a re-stickable cameras. It’s easy to use just stick shoot share. There is no need of selfie sticks and all that kind of thing now we can take group selfies and many other views of images by controlling the camera wirelessly.

*sticking the camera is done with the help of magnet, micro adhesive pad.

*Shoot the photo share the photo to your phone via Bluetooth/cable/ memory card.

*Sharing the photo is a simple task here no need of any cables and all that old ways of sharing photo just share through the Bluetooth. It is the world’s first stick and shoot camera.

Exciting features in Podo:

  • 2x larger pixels
  • Pixels(2.2 ), micro adhesive pad
  • Dual mode Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wide angle lenses
  • Sync 6 podo’s at once
  • Using podo application you can see the live video in front of your screen. settings can be controlled using the  application.
  • Time lapse feature is used to take pictures automatically.

It can be used in any type of life adventure, events like for taking animal, food, self-portrait, group photos, travel, style, passion photography, wedding, concerts and many event/adventure pictures.

In and all it is a fun gadget in the budget and also a new approach to the photography.

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