Find relaxing audio library in your google home

google homeHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the one of the best feature in Google Home. What we need after all stressful day is a peaceful sleep plus overwhelmed music. Google Home has got a huge library of relaxing ambient audio.




This audio library includes:

  • Water sounds.
  • Fire sounds.
  • Country sounds.
  • River sounds.
  • Rain sounds.
  • In and all we will get to experience the nature in our home.

Google has made this audio tracks brilliantly. The sound card and the drivers are simply awesome that we will experience the nature feel just by listing to this library. If you want to fell that you are at an ocean we have ocean sounds theme

How to activate this by voice command:

Just say “HELP ME RELAX” google home will directly select a category of relaxing audio tracks for its user. Users can set timer so that google home will stop playing after some time.

How to activate timer:

Say or command: HEY GOOGLE PLAY OCEAN THEME SOUNDS FOR ONE HOUR. After this command device will play music for one hour after that it will stop playing. So no need to worry about the entire night play of music.

Default time limit will be one hour if at all you forgot to tell google about timer.



here is the link for entire source of handling this feature in GOOLGE HOME

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