Everything about all new Apple Air Pods

Trendy Techz Everything about all new Apple Air PodsThe all new wireless Apple Air Pods from the apple costs around $160. These are available in stores by the end of the October. Many users felt these are the master piece from the apple though many of the outsiders are in a misunderstand that these are almost like apple earphones and will not fix in the ears but, after using this product many of the testers as well as reviewers felt that they are addicted to its magic.

Most of them said that these earphones are more helpful to use in office, plane more over on a move it will be the best companion for also the workout freaks.

Apple designed these Apple Air Pods with W1 chip and these device will provide great comfort to the users. It’s too easy to use them just take them out of the case play or accept a call. Pull one ear phone will pause the music and replacing them back will resume the music. This would be the greatest feature ever in the headphone/ear phones category.

Most of the people feltApple Air Pods will fall from their ears but after using Air Pods by reviewers they felt surprised and they feel that these two tiny ear phones fixed perfectly.

Apple Air Pods would be good for listening pop, bass and these will work with all the apple devices which are compatible to run IOS 10.even siri application can be used through Air Pods.

Apple designed them brilliantly they fixed the stems and an accelerometer which helps the device microphone to focus on the voice vibrations which helps the other person to listen your voice clearly. On a single charge this will AirPods can run around 5 hours and with the case of it the airpods will run around 24 hours as Apple said. These are not waterproof like iPhone 7.

If you lost one of the AirPod there is no application or tracking device to find it out. If you lost it’s gone that’s it. These devices can be share only with the 5 Apple accounts at a time. If you just want them to share just put your airpods in their case and press setup that’s it. After pressing setup button the airpods will directly paired up with the case owner.

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