The all new Cross platform framework- NativeScript

trendy techz cross platform frameworkCross platform framework is used to build an application. and the sSame code can be used in any platform. MeWatt, press pause are some of the example applications of NativeScript. In cross platform framework, these applications are compatible for both android and iOS. The code for the both applications are same and is developed using NativeScript.

NativeScript applications are build using the JavaScript, CSS, XML. During runtime the NativeScript ApIs are converted to Native platform API. Modern JS or AngularJS can be used to coupe up the performance levels to swift or java.

How does NativeScript works:trendy techz cross platform framework

NativeScript uses the prepacked java script Virtual Machine. fFor android it requires Google v8 java script engine and for the IOS and windows phone it is webKit javascript core.

-Type conversion, call Dispatcher and metadata will fix all the other platform api’s in the code so that the code that user generated will works on windows, android and IOS.

For example if we consider a single line of code:

Var f1=new;

/*in this case if we consider the googles                v8 Engine*/

The above code is for android and for IOS. In normal compiler we need to write another code to run that in apple device like. The above and below codes are different but it can be run on any device only if we use the cross platform technology to develop code.

-The path conversion converts the javascript value from jS string to the native js object.( Here java.lang.string)

-Metadata will find the android api and identifies the corresponding native method as a result it fitrendy techz cross platform frameworknds the constructor for a find class for the above code.

-The call dispatcher will runs the call with virtual result on the android side we get new instance on the native file class. From the native script side we get a custom javascript object serving as a proxy to thre natives android object.(f1=FileProxy).

When a method is called, this proxy shows as the unreeling native object. For brief the javascript code here does not compiled instead it is interpreted at runtime.

-Advantage here is there is no limit of api. There is no need of using wrapper classes and methods.

-The NSM layer plays a major role here. This layer transforms the developed code to the platform specific code and will runs at runtime.

Link for NativeScript link.

The usage of native api is discussed in the next post. Just enjoy exploring new technologies in trendytechz.


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