Apple MAC OS Sierra pros,cons and performance

Trendy Techz Apple MAC OS Sierra pros,cons and performanceApple released the all new OS update to its MAC users on 13th June. The all new Mac OS Mac Sierra. This update is now available to all users.

In this post we discuss about the pros, cons, performance and installation requirements of the Mac OS Sierra.

The all user interfaces and design for this MAC Sierra is almost similar to its older version Mac OS EI Captain. The integration of Mac and IOS is more in this latest Mac Sierra. Like Microsoft Cortana apple started providing all services of Siri to all their Mac users now.

Some of the features like hands free Siri “Hey Siri” voice command is missing in the Mac Sierra. Even though if you want to access Mac without accessing Siri you can send messages, dictate emails, searching in spotlight is quite simple and easy. There will be continuous updates in the top right notification bar and the updates are about the user’s recent searches. For example if a user searches for time in Australia. After the search the Siri will continuously sent the updated Australia time in notification unless it is closed by user.

The all new iCloud drive helps the users to maintain all their data in cloud and it is also in handy. Retrieving data is so easy now. Everything about the iCloud will be exciting except the panicking moment which setting up the iCloud services. Like it will show everything on desktop is moved to cloud this might panic many users but everything is in their own place only what matters is the way to access them differs.

Mac performance levels will drastically falls down while backing up data to iCloud. This will be a great start up for all the Mac users to back up all the data in to cloud and can be accesses anywhere using their iCloud.

It’s a really different feel while unlocking your Mac with your Apple watch. But what
all you need is just the updated OS in both devices.


  • Siri integration will be a great add on to the Sierra.
  • Apple pay is now available in Mac.
  • Unlock from apple watch.
  • Cross device syncing.
  • Optimized stored, iCloud services.
  • Universal clipboard is now easy to use.

Mac OS Sierra is compatible with MacBook, MacBook air, MacBook pro, Mac mini, iMac.


  • Users need to use Siri manual to access it and it is no smart enough.
  • Auto unlock is sometimes temperamental.
  • Mac performance will fall down while backing up data to iCloud.
  • There are many issues with the earlier version of Mac book after installation of Sierra.
  • Apple watch null auto lock, font book crashing after start up.
  • There is no text message forward in this update.
  • Sometimes Siri is unable to launch applications.
  • There are many performance issues with the Mac after Sierra installation.
  • Spot light search problems in Sierra.
  • Sharing notes is somewhat out of range.
  • Many feature names are changed now and also users will find extra features in the menus of settings.
  • IMac is freezing while access safari after installation of Mac OS Sierra.
  • Auto unlock, system shutdown and double reboot are some of the issues.

Though all the above mentioned issues and advantages are common for every update release. The apple is trying to fix all these bugs and also will release the update. Though we got many bugs and issues in this update its fine to install the Sierra for its desktop backup and optimization storage features.

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