Android Google chrome – latest features

Android Google chrome Hello users, this post is the continuations of the previous google chrome hidden features post. In this post we will learn some tricks and unknown features in the Android Google chrome.

Feature 1:

According to us Google chrome will the best browser. Company been enhancing and introducing innovative features in this browser. Google considering the low data performance launched many features which helps the users to access the internet even in the low bandwidth. Google has already overcome some of the challenges like getting high data with 2G speed. It will be the best data saver, downloads and the new way of discovering the way to get data.

Android Google chrome Features:

  • Data efficiency.
  • Data saver helps to get high speed data even with 2G.
  • New way of utilizing downloads and contents.
  • Users can do more on web irrespective of device or network.

Feature 2:

Now saving and retrieving the data is easy

Data saver helps the users to access the same efficiency of retrieval even with low speed internet.

Options: users will get two options: slow connection and Load original.

Process: data saver compresses images, text loads and accepts only 40% of data from network and saves 60% of data. It does not change any UI. Google implemented same technology for videos. This will eventually save 138TB of data per week. Almost equals to 14years of HD browsing.

Smarter algorithm:

According to us it is the smarter bowser among other browsers. Because latest android  google chrome compress and optimize HTTP when there us slow connection. It will save around 90% of data and advantage here is video will load 2time faster.

Feature 3:

Browse videos or other content offline.Android Google chrome

Google is doing better to get this feature available for their consumers. They have already introduced download feature. It will be available or displayed on screen when users come across a image, video. By pressing download button browser will download that content and users can access this offline.

Users can now get all new content, recommendations, downloads what not everything in one page. Users can see all these just by opening new tab.

All these are extraordinary features in chrome for android google also getting iOS chrome application. Stay tuned for more info.Hope you all benefited with this post and do remind us if there are any mistakes. Feel free to comment on this post and do support us by liking our Facebook page and also by following us on twitter.

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