3D PRINTING : Best producer of 3D objects

3D printing is one of the best method for producing the 3 dimensional objects. It saves many resources that are required to produce the same object in traditional methods. It is the revolutionary product and many people wonder after using this type of technology. Up to now many of us used printing only for converting the softcopy to hardcopy using inks etc. now it’s time to design our own objects all this is possible only with the enhancements of the 3d printing technology.
3d printing is the process of adding the selected materials on the objects layer by layer to get the estimated product.
To print an object using 3d printer it requires materials like nylon or polyamide powder, metals like aluminium and cobalt, ceramic, papers, bio materials etc. there is around 75% increase in the thermos plastic unit sale due to the 3d printing.
Technology used in this printing:
Stereo lithography: It is a process used for manufacturing the 3d objects. It uses laser beam for cutting the object according to the given measurements.

Fused deposition modelling (FDM):

CAD (computer assisted design) is used for creating the inputs for the 3d printers initially the user creates the STL files as input to the printer. This STL includes the format which is understandable to the printers.

Steps to be follow to create the 3D object:
-Create your own architecture or design of an object hard copy.
-Using cad software design the blue print of object in all directions align them according to the format of the version of printer you using.
-select the materials you want your object to be printed in. supply that materials to the printer. Give the print.
-the object will be printed and will also be ready to use. Rubbing alcohol can be used for finish of the printed object.
Affordable 3d printers:
*Micro 3D printer $449.
*Printrbot Pay $399.
*Mod-t 3d printer $399.
*Da Vinci 1.0 $499.
Professional 3D printers in industry:
Uprint SE 3d print pack $15,900.
MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D printer $6499.
Multinational companies like voestalpine, stratasys started research on the 3d printing .Automotive manufacturers are working on 3d printing to increase the efficiency in cost and designing of products. Implementing the 3d printing in the automotive parts designing, 3d printing for the aerospace and aviation to design lightweight metal tools is the greatest innovation.

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