This Image is real and the Phone is not OnePlus 5T

Trendy Techz Vivo X20 hands onn OnePlus 5THey!!! Trendy Techz Users we are back again and this time with latest hands on pic that went viral on tech media. Yes, I am talking about the above image which is still trending on few Smartphone websites as OnePlus 5T. We are pretty sure that you people have also encountered the above pic on Social media sites as OnePlus 5T but is that a real shot?? or a fan made render?? or completely fake image??. Confused?? In this post we will discuss in detail on the above images that went viral as OnePlus 5T. Here we go,

OnePlus 5T?? Is that a real shot or Photo-shopped??

Yes, The above shared pic is the real hands on shot and not a Photo-shopped one. This Image was shared by Italian YouTuber named  Francesco Sgnaolin. He shared this images as OnePlus 5T Hands on pic and Trolled OnePlus, Carl pie and  every tech media site by posting this image. As soon as the image went viral he gave a clarity on the pic, He said that the Hands on pic is real and the Phone is not OnePlus 5T but a Vivo X20.

Here the story begins, Two Italian tech YouTuber’s named  Francesco Sgnaolin and Gesualdo Lo Monaco  with almost 20k Subscribers on YouTube, Share’s Smartphone related videos on their channels. Few days ago Gesualdo Unboxed Vivo X20 Smartphone and Francesco joined him in the Unboxing video with OnePlus Smartphone. Here is the video for you,

In this video we guess(Since we don’t know Italian) they shared their thought regarding the Vivo X20 and OnePlus smartphone. They expect that OnePlus 5T will have same Design like Vivo X20.

After this Unboxing video, Three days later Francesco Uploaded a video on YouTube regarding OnePlus 5T Smartphone and Trolled OnePlus by Comparing OnePlus 5T design with Vivo X20 Smartphone design. In order-to Make the video even more realistic he showed few Hands on clip of Vivo X20 with OnePlus wallpaper. Here is the video,

Hands on Clip comes from Gesualdo Lo Monaco. Since few days these two people especially Francesco  is Updating Images on Instagram and Twitter and Once these images went Viral they both made it clear that the Phone in Hands on Shot is Vivo X20 and Francesco made it clear that he is just trolling.

What do you people think about them?? Comment below and share your valuable Opinions.

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