WhatsApp now enables you to share live location

Exactly a week ago telegram rolled out a new feature which enables users to share their live location. Now, WhatsApp on its official blog announced this new feature called “share live location” which will be rolling out soon. So, in this post we are going to share all those details Here we go

Share live location through WhatsApp:

WhatsApp live location

As shown in the figure this new feature on WhatsApp will be available soon on all iOS and Android devices. You can share live locations to your group or in person just by doing this Open WhatsApp→ Attachment→Location→Share Live Location by doing this you can share your real time location to your family members or your friends or even to the groups. In this new feature you can also choose how long you want share the real time locations and can stop sharing your live location at anytime. This feature was first introduced on Telegram 4.4. Since WhatsApp is the most popular messaging App and they don’t want to give any chance to competitors made them to implement this feature. So, we guess this feature will be most powerful and usable feature in WhatsApp. This new update will be rolling out soon. So, Stay tuned to our website to know more about this update.

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