Vodafone UK is offering free AirPods with iPhone X pre-order

Trendy Techz Apple iPhone X Vodafone UKGood news for those people who are living in United Kingdom and waiting for iPhone X. Vodafone UK, is offering AirPods (invitation only) to all those who Pre-order with them between 27th-30th. So, today in this we will be sharing those details along with terms and conditions to avail this Offer. Here we Go,

Get Apple AirPods with iPhone X Pre-Order with Vodafone UK:

Apple Announced its flagship device Apple iPhone X on september 12th and made a revolution in the smartphone industry by removing finger print scanner and introducing Facial ID. Even though it Apple announced this device but the pre order dates and the release date was delayed when compare to iPhone 8. So, Apple confirmed the Pre-Order date of iPhone X as 27th October and release date as 3rd November. Ever since apple declared the pre-order date each and every carrier announced their offers on iPhone X device. In the same way Vodafone UK has announced a bumper offer to it first 1000 Customers who pre-order iPhone X between 27th-30th October.. The Offer is Vodafone is giving away Apple AirPods to its first 1000 registers. Here is the terms and conditions for all those who wants to pre-order iPhone X with Vodafone UK.

Trendy T echz Apple iPhone X

  • For new Customers, you need to register your interest for iPhone X and you can Click here to register  your interest. After registering, you need to purchase iPhone X on any plan between 27th October- 30th October and make sure while purchasing iPhone X you need to provide the same details with which you have register for iPhone X.
  • To all those Existing customers you need to upgrade phone number referenced in your mail to iPhone X between 27-30th October.
  • This offer is only for first 1000 customers.

Above are few terms and Conditions and in order to know more visit Vodafone UK site.  Once you pre-order the phone Vodafone will send to text message on 31st October that you are eligible to AirPods offer. Vodafone will deliver these AirPods from 4th November 2017 separately and they will send you another confirmation message regarding the AirPods delivery.

That’s all about the deal and hope you loved it.

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