Service needed for 4rth gen iPad? go and get your iPad Air 2!!

iPad Air 2Apple is replacing the 4rth generation iPad with the all new iPad Air 2 2014. Apple may replace the bad conditional iPad 4rth generation unit with iPad Air 2. service for the 4rth gen iPad is not available in any authorized store so company started giving iPad Air 2 as replacement.

9to5Mac mentioned the statement:
Starting March 30th, iPad 4th generation whole unit repairs may be substituted to iPad Air 2.

Company will replace the old iPad with the all new existing variants in iPad Air2. It is also mentioned in the 9t05Mac that the Apple already notified these internal memos to their staff so that the customers will get to know about this latest replacement offer from Apple. Company is providing a good deal w

reason for replacing with iPad Air 2

Company has discontinued Apple iPad Air 2 and when it was released they offered this model in additional gold colour with 32 and 1128 GB storage other options like 16 and 64 were not available at that time. Company has discontinued this and now they are replacing 4rth gen Apple. As we know, that many of the present existing apple stores and authorized service providers are not offering iPad repair service. so the ultimate solution to it is to replace the device. We found it to be the reasonable take from apple. All the upgrade like this will depend on the availability of stock at your location.

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