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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Concept Credits:

Samsung’s next Flagship phone that is Galaxy S9 is trending on top media site with its leaks and Rumors along with beautiful mock ups. Even we from Trendy Techz have reported on this device. We have already seen the beautiful CAD renders from Steve AKA Onelaks and today alleged Galaxy S9 Rear shell leaks out confirming the previous leaks. So, In this post we will be sharing the live leak image along with the few specs which we know so far. Lets start our post with Samsung Galaxy S9 Rear shell which poses for the camera after passing through test. Here we go,

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rear Shell poses for the Camera:

Trendy Techz Samsung Galaxy S9 Rear ShellThis Image was shared on Chinese social media site Weibo. The above Image confirms the wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy S9 device along with the Rear Finger print scanner setup which will be placed underneath the Camera as rumored.¬† “Star” is the Code name for Galaxy S9 series Project and we can see from the above image it is the Rear Shell of Galaxy S9 with code name STAR 1.

This is our First look at the real life Image of Samsung Galaxy S9 Rear shell. According to the CAD renders leaked by Onleaks, The Front design of the Galaxy S9 looks exactly like Galaxy S8 with very few changes where as the rear side of Galaxy S9 looks completely different from Galaxy S8 but looks exactly like the new Galaxy A8 2018 Series Smartphone. The only difference between Galaxy A8 2018 and Galaxy S9 Rear design is the Heartrate Sensor and Curved screen. Samsung Galaxy S9 will have same screen size like Galaxy S8. Galaxy S9 will have new Snapdragon 845 Processor variant and Exynos 9810 Processor variant. Stay tuned to our website for more news regarding this device.

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