Samsung Galaxy S8 Wireless Charger Visits FCC

Hey!!! Trendy Techz Users we are back again and this time again with Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone. Two days ago we reported on FCC certification of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Smartphones. In that post we stressed about the Wireless charging of both phones. On 10th March 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 Wireless charger visited FCC and so today in this post we are going to share those details with you people. First we will share the FCC ID details and then about its location, Finally, the description of wireless charger pad. Here we start our post,

FCC ID Details of Samsung Galaxy S8 Wireless Charger:

Trendy Techz Samsung Galaxy S8 Wireless Charger visits FCC

Above shared image is the FCC ID details and Location of Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S8 which reveals that the wireless charger will be round in shape and also the FCC ID Details are A3LEPPG950.

Now we will share you another screenshot which tells more about this device,

Trendy Techz Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S8

Model Number of this device is EP-PG950 and power supply is DC 5.0 V, DC 9.0 V and this charger has a inductive loop coil antenna. The above shared screenshot was taken from the FCC Test report.

That’s all we know about this device and we will update you more info regarding this device soon. So, Please stay tuned to our website for more details.

In addition to the unlocked models of Galaxy S8 and S8+ FCC also certified new models of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Here are those details,

  • For Galaxy S8: SM-G9500 and SM-G950N.
  • Galaxy S8 PLus: SM-G9550 and SM-G955N.

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