Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Passes through the FCC

Hey!!!! Trendy Techz users we are back again and this time with the most trending Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone. Few days back we have shared a Hands On video of Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors and today we are sharing another information regarding these smartphones that is both S8 and S8 Plus passes FCC. So, today in this post we will share what all details we have gathered from FCC test reports. Lets start our post with the FCCID label information.

FCCID Label Info of Samsung Galaxy S8:

Trendy Techz Samsung Galaxy S8 FCCID Location

Trendy Techz Samsung Galaxy S8 FCC

Above shared are the two screenshots which clearly shows that the Next Galaxy S8 model number will be SM-G950U and all these devices are designed and engineered by Samsung and  Manufactured in Vietnam. Galaxy S8 will also have model numbers like SM-G950U1 AND SM-G950W.

FCCID Label Info of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus FCCID

Trendy Techz Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus FCC

Above shared screenshots are the FCCID Label and Location info of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Model Numbers of Samsung Galaxy S8 are SM-G955U, SM-G955U1, SM-G955W as shown above.

What we got to know from Different FCC Report:

First thing we got to know is the different model numbers of both the devices as shared above.  It is clearly stated in the reports that the device support Wireless Charging. Here is the screenshot for you,

Trendy Techz Samsung Glaxy S8 FCC

In the above image, it is the description of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Smartphone and we can see that the device supports Wireless Charging. From the test reports of S8 device we can see the same description.   Both devices supports Micro SD Slots.

We will update you more information soon after going through all the test reports. So, stay tuned to our website for more breaking news on this trending smartphones.

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Source: FCC S8 ; S8 Plus 1 2


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