Run Windows on iPhone !! – using iBox 2 emulator

Windows on iPhoneHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the process of installing windows XP on latest iPhone 7. This post is for the gadget freaks who want to play around emulators and operating system files. You will get sources to download the files for installing XP on iPhone and a steady guidance to do it. Of course it needs lot of C and C++ in-depth coding. Windows on iPhone

As we know that iPhone comes with the pre-installed iOS we cannot remove the preinstalled thing to install Win XP. So what we do?

We first install one emulator through which we install Win XP. We will use iBox.

No need to install any other software or jailbreak for running Windows XP. This emulator is like the virtual machine. To make it simple the entire setup looks like a win XP running on Virtual machine in iOS operating system.

  • It will not replace your personal system.
  • It runs slowly in iPhone because we are not installing windows directly we using emulators in between. This is take lot of processor time.
  • iBox beta 2.6.8 is the virtual machine we will use in this process.
Windows on iPhone:

Here are the source to install Win XP in iBox. iBOx-1 read me.

For more information click here.

Note: it’s up to your risk to install other operating system by following this post. We are not responsible for any device software crashes. We just want to provide a source to play around your device.

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