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Trendy Techz iPhoneHello trendytechz users, we are back with all new tricks and hidden features in your devices. In this post we will discuss about the hidden and unknown features of iPhone’s tricks for privacy in texting. Most of this feature are open to anyone but they are not as famous as other ones.


How to turn off message previews?

Go to settings-> Notifications -> Messages -> turn off message preview features.

Thus feature helps users to hide their messages on lock screen. It does not let any others to see your message from your home screen.

For more privacy users can turn on touch id access to unlock their device.

Apple started this feature from iPhone 5. Go to setting -> touch id and passcodes -> enable type password.

This feature allows users to unlock device without passcode. Users just need to give their thumb print to unlock. Even devices does not allow users to read their texts without touch id.

How to turn off read receipts?

Go to settings-> messages -> turn off send read receipts.

This feature does not allow opposite users to know your message delivery and read timings. Users can only get to know whether the message is delivered or not.

iPhone tricks:

How to delete texts automatically?

Goto settings -> messages -> keep messages -> select the delete time that’s it.

This features automatically deletes your old messages and makes some space for your data.

Next iPhone tricks will be the most fun one and it is the most hidden features in device.

Do you know that you can hide your mobile number? Your friends will just get as No caller id while you are calling them. Isn’t it exciting!!

It can be possible only by typing #31#phone number that’s it. The opponent will not see your mobile number. stay tuned and tip us for more tricks 🙂

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