Orbii- Home security robot

OrbiiNow monitoring your home with this fun and security robot. Orbii design this robot for simplifying the home monitoring process. It helps users to tract each and every activity in their home sthrough tablet or any smart devices. It will helps parents to put eye on children while they are on work.

Orbii comes with HD camera and ability to monitor your home from any place. This device needs the Wi-Fi connectivity. It is so simple to setup this device just connect the charging dock and establish Wi-Fi connectivity start using its features that’s it. It learns according to the home environments and a sudden change in any of the surrounding will be notified by notification to your device.

The more you use this device in place the more it learns about the environment. It transmits live audio and video. It is like a device with eye and ears that rolls entire place with the control. Even it has ability to connect to different system in the home. Like changing the temperature by just communicating with thermostat.


Forgot to lock door?

Orbii can even take care of these type of activities and communicates with home control devices to lock the doors. It is so impressive and quite huge dependency on technology though it gives many positive results. No need to worry about home care Orbii will do everything according to its learning capabilities. But what users should do is they just need to maintain Orbii battery.

Orbii Cots:

It just costs $349 quit economic compared to traditional home security systems, does not need any monthly fees and can be setup in minutes. It comes with driveable 360 view. We can’t expect a home security system more than this features.

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