NoSQL Database- MongoDB is available as free tier for developers

MongoDBHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the new services from NoSQL database – MongoDB. We know that this is one of the best in class NoSQL database. Company launched a version of this platform which is known as “Atlas” on the platform as database as a service users will get this services through Amazon Web services. So the company needs to pay to AWS so MongoDB Atlas is available for price only.

Free service for MongoDB developers:

Company has announced a free tier services for the MongoDB Atlas developers. So it is so easy now to learn MongoDB the all new NoSQL databases. Using this service users can even develop, prototype.

Features of this free service:
  • Users will get 512MB of storage space.
  • Users will get Atlas clusters.
  • Data encryption: Rest.

All the features that are offered in free service are almost similar to the payed version of this service the only difference here is the storage space availability for free users.

Mono mirror for MongoDB developers:

Company is launching a new tool called Mono mirror. This tools helps the existing developers to transfer their existing database in the old MongoDB to Atlas. According to TechCrunch they got information from the company VP that the company has a plan to host this version of tool in future.

Company has not released any analytics on this latest version usage. Though we got many reviews from the eHarmony and the biotech companies that this version of the database as a service platform is already in use mentioned in TechCrunch.

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