No, This is not OnePlus 5T GFXbench result: Officials Confirmed it

Trendy Techz OnePlus 5T GFXBench FakeSince two days OnePlus 5T Benchmark results are trending on top media sites. In fact we from Trendy Techz also wants to join the media and started writing about this news but when we personally checked all the 31 test results from GFXBench website we couldn’t trace any OnePlus 5T Benchmark results on the Official website. So, we reached our Co-Founder and asked him about this and even he shared it on twitter where he received Shocking of response.  So, In this post we will be sharing all those details along with the proofs. So, lets start our post with the trending Screenshot circulating as OnePlus 5T benchmark results. Here we go,

Fake OnePlus 5T GFXBench result:


Trendy Techz OnePlus 5T Fake Benchmark results

Source: Techiestate

This Benchmark From Techiestate website is trending since two days. So, Here is the Response from Zyadatef 12, who is the no 1 Contributor From Slashleaks. As soon as Zyad shared his views along with image , Arvind Rana from Droidholic joins the discussion and shared his image too and proved us how easily we can Photoshop any Image.

Here he shared a Screenshot that is edited and made it look like exact OnePlus 5T benchmark result. Even Arvind also shared image in this discussion,

So, From the above tweets we can Confirm that the circulating benchmark result as OnePlus 5T is Fake but since we need an Official Confirmation from GFXBench we kept this article on Hold but thanks to the Officials who responded to our mail and Confirmed the Circulating Benchmark as Fake.

Reply From Officials on this GFXBench result:

This is Bence from Kishonti licensing.

The screenshot you’ve provided is most likely fake and does not correspond to any real entry in our database. Someone probably modified the content of the OnePlus 5 (A5000) website in their browser locally and took a screenshot (as he/she couldn’t have sent a link to the actual non-existing page).
Our suspicion is also strongly backed by the fact that the creator modified the A5000’s front facing camera’ Megapixel value (15MP->19MP), but didn’t update the actual pixel resolution (4608 x 3456).

Please only trust actual links to the real website.

Thanks for reaching out to us.

He even shared a screenshot with us,

Trendy Techz OnePlus 5T

So, Now we can confirm that the benchmark result is Fake.

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