No finger gesture in android 7.1.2 in Nexus 6P

android 7.1.2Hello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the missing features in android 7.1.2. Recently google released android 7.1.2 Beta version for some devices. Likewise company has released a beta version for Nexus 6P users. We found one missing feature in this beta version.

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Even users will find that in their Nexus 6P installed with android beta 7.1.2. according to reports on this update that there is a info circulating on this that this update did not have a finger gesture. We seen this in Nexus 5x android police recently mentioned.

Click here for factory images. If you want to test your device beat capabilities you can download that here. If at all you are a kind of traditional software upgrading guy you can wait for the official release of the beta version or for the full version.

android 7.1.2 review:

Users who used to pull their notification bar using fingerprint sensor might disappoint after installing this beta version. Because theirs is a functionality missing in this beta version. So users no need to worry about this functionality. Google soon will release a update to fix this issue. Of course that’s the reason why thy release beta versions right to find bugs and functionality loss. Stay tuned for more information on this.

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