All new Samsung Gear S3 Watches

Samsung Gear S3Hello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the all new Samsung Gear S3 watches. Company has exclusively designed 3 variants of the Gear s3 watches for travel, trekking and training. So users will get a chance to experience the high energized spring. Users will get a chance to closely observe their activities.


  • Gear S3 Outdoor
  • Gear S3 Travel
  • Gear S3 Sport

Gear S3 Outdoor is exclusively made for outdoor adventures. It comes with many features which helps users to monitor their activities like hike, stroll and weather forecast.

  • Altimeter at 3, barometer at 9, date and weather at 6.
  • Single tap to access app and double tap to customize.
  • Users can set max altitude and atmospheric figures if it exceeds watch indicates by turing display in to red.


For Travel Gear S3 Travel is exclusively designed for travellers. It helps users like business travellers as well as tourists to manage their traveling and to save time while making perfect plans.

  • Single tap to access app and double tap to customize.
  • Dual time indication shows the users previous location stats as well as present.
  • Display at 12 0’clock shows exchange rate.


Gear S3 Sport

  • Stop watch, HRM.
  • Easy access to my journey.
  • Split display helps users to monitor heart rate and calorie count.
  • Altimeter, Speedometer.

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