New platform for developers from Windows-Microsoft UWP

Microsoft UWPMicrosoft has been releasing many platforms for databases, and many tools and IDE’s since many years. Now the company has a plan to launch their new UWP (Universal Windows Platform). In this post we will discuss about the Microsoft UWP and Windows 10.

UWP is introduced by Windows 10. It is the latest application development platform amiable for all devices with windows 10. Mostly the applications that are developed with this platform can target all APIs like WinRT, Win32 and .Net.

Microsoft UWP Features:

  • Core API layer.
  • one package for many devices.
  • Unified distribution channel- for universal reachability.
  • Single platform for everything to do with Windows.
  • User friendly Interface for great interaction.
  • Great Screen resolution.
  • User friendly controls and layouts.

Application features can be lighted with the help of accessing different API’s. Just writing a code for accessing unique API will be the great feature for enriching the present existing applications with innovative features.

Universal Device family hierarchy:

application development has changed now. Because developers need not to target the specific device or an operating system while developing app. He/she should target the device family so that device family identifies the suitable APIs accordingly it will install and make app available for those devices.

  • Child device APIs inherits parent device APIs. This feature will optimize app to all devices in hierarchy.
  • Now apps will run on wide range of devices.
  • Adaptive code for each app for detecting the device type outside the family as well.
  • Increase in Application reachability.
  • Adaptive panels comes handy in creating adaptive UI.
  • No need to limit your app to single category.

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