New application from facebook-streaming TV app

Facebook streaming appHello Trendy Techz users, we will discuss about the Facebook plan on new application. According to reports that the Facebook is apparently building applications for TV’s. This application will be available for the boxes for example Apple TV. According to wall street journal that the Facebook is been developing this applications as a video cantered platform. According to wall street journal it is mentioned that the Facebook has been working on this video countered application since the last summer. All the main part here is the revenue from the advertising. Till date Facebook has many video stream lines like short clips, experimental live streams. According to reports that Facebook recently notified their investors that the company is running out of spaces in news feed so it could not able to insert new advertising videos in between.


Facebook streaming app:

According to journal it is mentioned that company has been talking with media partners. For making the new scripted and sports shows. So that they will get a chance to add ads in between the shows. The developed programs from the media companies will be share with the facebook in exchange of license fee. So lets see how facebook new TV applications entertains the users. We are pretty excited to experience this product from the facebook because we been seeing all the innovations in the facebook updates, upgrades in technology like oculus and many more. Likewise there are many expectations in audience on this applications.

Great change in business:

We can observe the latest trend that most of the top companies are now interested on TV programming. the advertising revenues might attracting the companies. Like google been with YouTube, twitter with the live shows, and many plays from top companies. Facebook is planning to make this application unique and they are planning to make this business sustainable business.

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