DO you know that we can UNDO our sent Gmail email!!


Hello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the process to UNDO our sent Email in Gmail. As we all know that Gmail is one of the platform for email transfer since decades. We been composing and receiving E-mails since our childhood but how many of you notice a feature called UNDO sent E-mail in Gmail.

This feature helps users in lot of situation. Suppose consider you sent an E-mail to employer with wrong mobile number or wrong signature then what you will do nothing you need to apologies and need to resend the email with correct information. But with this feature we can just UNDO our recent sent E-mail and can recompose.

Process to steep UNDO Sent E-mail in Gmail:

Login to Gmail account-> Top right corner-> click on setting icon-> in the drop down list select settings option

After clicking on settings button in drop down list users will get a see a full window of settings.

In the General settings tab you will find UNDO send below the Send and Achieve session
There you need to select Enable Undo Send.
After that select the time period.

That’s it you have just activated the Undo sent E-mail feature in Gmail.

Undo sent E-mail:

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