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IQ applicationsHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the IQ applications. These applications will help us to analyse our IQ. Probably people will always finds their IQ level according will plan to enhance their skill set. So according to us we think that this applications will definitely help to find our IQ rang and accordingly improve our analysing skills.

iq means Intelligence quotient. It is like a measure of human intelligence check here are the list of applications and their features go through these 3 apps find out your favourite app practice and enhance your skills:

iq applications:
What’s my IQ!!!!!!

If you are trying to figure out your iq level and frustrated to select which application is correct for you’re probably this is the best in class application to find out your iq. Users will get their iq score at the end of the puzzle questions. This questions will defiantly extract your creativity, analyzing and many skills and the scores will be decided on the way you answered and the cases to analyse this questions in that way. So we think this results are mostly accurate.

Here is the link for android.

Best IQ test:

This is also one of the best iq testing applications for measuring ones human intelligence. This applications has all the capabilities that the above application has comparatively both are same with different interfaces and here are the features of this application:

  • Max 120 hints will be provided.
  • Detailed statistics.
  • 60 unique puzzles.
  • 5 level difficulty.

Click here to download this application.


This one of the top rated application in apple store. Mainly the interface is so interactive and attractive which drags us to post about this applications. Actually interface and the way of its communication with the users plays main role in playing around the applications. In this aspects this application is a way better than other apps.


  • Attractive and beautiful interface.
  • Advanced iq questions.
  • Solutions for tests.
  • Unlimited test.
  • Iq analysis.

Link to download !Q.

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