Unboxing of iPhone 7 and iOS 10 features

Unleashing the all the new IPHONE 7:

Pre order for the IPhone 7 and 7 plus will starts from sep 9th.The estimated prices that carriers are charging around:$27/month for IPhone 7 and $32/month for IPhone 7 Plus. Apple is releasing it’s latest revolutionary OS for IPhones IOS 10. It is releasing on Sept. 13th

  • Apple providing the Siri API for developers this time.
  • Lock screen in IOS 10 is fully modified.
  • Messages features also redesigned.
  • Stock applications can be uninstalled.
  • 3D touch features are enhanced.
  • Facial expression detection, Smart keyboard which helps the users to type their messages quickly.
  • “Photos app is the next generation application in IOS 10. Here all the facial features in the photo is identified by the application. The photos can be searched by entering the name of the place/person in the photo”, says the CEO
  • Voice messages can be converted to SMS and can be read through, Bedtime alarm
  • IOS 10 is available for IPhone 5 and later versions of IPhone and iPad.
  • For more details [sociallocker]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKR2fh09Nic[/sociallocker]


  1. When will the price go down???

    • It all depends on release quality, usage, next update release time, market share. If you can estimate all of these, you can easily predict when the price goes down.

  2. hmm i have some question

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