Reddit user claimed that he has ordered iPhone X From AT&T and shared few screenshots

Few hours ago we have reported about the iPhone X Pre-order in India. While we were searching for Pre-Order news we found this news which we want to share to all our reader. A Reddit user by name Crazy Robert (U/CrazyRobert2017) has shared few screenshots of his Pre-order details of iPhone X along with confirmation mail from AT&T. So, today in this post we will share all those details along with few screenshots which Robert shared. Here we go,

Yey. Submitted iPhone X Pre-Order on AT&T:

This was the title heading from crazyrobert2017 posted on Reddit. Now, here are the few screenshots which he shared

Trendy Techz iPhone X Pre-Order AT&T

Trendy Techz iPhone X preorder

Trendy Techz iPhone X Pre-order

Now normal people don’t believe these kind of screenshots and even i was surprised after looking at this. But, Soon i checked whether there is continue button on AT&T in iPhone X pre-order page and yes the archived webpage showed continue button on AT&T Website in iPhone X Pre-Order page. Here is the proof,

Trendy Techz iPhone X Pre-Order

Now, it is clear that all those details shared by the Crazy Robert is true. Even though the Pre-Order begins from tomorrow this person got accessed to Pre-order page while AT&T is updating the page.

At Present, on AT&T website there is no such thing called Continue but We can only see Pre-Order from 27th October. Hope you guys loved this post and do comment on this and share your valuable opinion.

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