iPhone 8 Concept based on Fictional drawings

Hey!!! Trendy Techz users we are back and this time with the iPhone 8/iPhone X concept renders. As you all know since three days a fictional drawing of what the next iPhone could be is trending on internet. Based on those imaginary drawings we from Trendy Techz designed renders for all our users. So, in this post first we will share the imaginary drawings and then we will show our renders to all our readers. Here we go,

Alleged iPhone 8/ iPhone X schematics:

Famous Weibo tipster KK shared few hand made drawings and here are those pictures for you,

Trendy Techz iPhone 8 schematics

Trendy Techz iPhone 8 schematics







The above shared pictures are shared on Weibo by KK. With these images as base his fan made imaginary drawing and here are those fictional drawing of what could be the next iPhone 8/ iPhone X.

Trendy Techz iPhone 8 Schematics

This image was first published on Slashleaks and we from Trendy Techz designed few concept renders of iPhone 8 based on the above diagram.

iPhone 8 Concept:

Trendy Techz Exclusive iPhone 8 Concept renders

Trendy Techz iPhone 8 Concept renders

Trendy Techz iPhone 8 renders

Trendy Techz iPhone 8 Concept renders

Trendy Techz iPhone 8 Concept renders

All the above shared images were designed by our team and we do have all rights on those images. We designed these renders based on the rumors and these are just concept designs. There are rumors that the next iPhone (iPhone 8/ iPhone X) will not have home button and also the next iPhone will have onscreen fingerprint sensor and so we showed the difference on the above shared images. Also the next iPhone(iPhone8/ iPhone X) will have vertical rear dual camera and front dual camera sensors are the latest rumor. So, Accordingly we designed the next iPhone concept.

We sincerely thank our design team head Ganesh for providing us with these concept designs of iPhone 8. This was our first concept renders of any phone. So, We want to hear from you on these designs. Please do comment about this design and do share them on social media sites.

Note : These are just concept of iPhone 8 based on rumors so take these as pinch of salt.

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