Improve your iPhone charging speed!!

iPhone chargingIPhones are taking moretime to charge when compared to the Samsung and many other fast charging devices. So in this post we will discuss about some tricks which helps users to improve their iPhone charging speed.

In our day to day life time plays a major role. So spending lot of it on charging is not a good thing though we have got some super chargers for android devices there is no fast charger for apple. According to sources we got information that apple has a plan to include fast charger in upcoming iPhone. Whatever it is. We will find a simple solution for this problem in this post.

Use next model charger:

Next does not mean a company it just mean that the iPhone 5s users should use iPhone 6 or any later version of iPhone charger. This will improve the charging speed. Even the iPhone7, 7Plus, 6, 6S users can use iPad chargers for better charging speed. In and all you can save at least 30-40% of your time.

more iPhone charging tips:

Charging in airplane mode:

Comparatively this model helps iPhone to charge faster even with its own device model charger. Like cutting and the incoming and outgoing services from iPhone and making it as iPod and charging it with iPhone charger will definitely improves its charging speed. It is not possible every time so we prefer the first trick to be applied to charge iPhone. We been using iPad charger for our apple gadgets we are just suggesting that we can using this way but we don’t have any proof to show that it is good or bad.

Turn off and proper battery, maintenance also helps to improve battery performance and lifetime. Turn off your iPhone while charging. As well as turnoff Bluetooth, Wi-Fi while not in use will improve battery performance. We use our devices without location services and will turn-on when required this will decrease load on battery.

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